The 2021-2027 BCG Action Plan sets a vision to create sustainable and quality growth with science, technology and innovation, raising income and quality of life while maintaining a good balance of utilization and conservation of biological and natural resources. The action plan is based on the four strategies (MHESI, 2021):

Strategy 1: Promote sustainability of biological resources by balancing conservation and utilization.
This strategy focuses on applying knowledge, technology and innovation to create a balance between conservation and utilization of biological resources and introduce a paradigm shift from “nature as resource” to “nature as source”, reinforcing the perception on nature that it is not just a provider, but a source of all living organisms.

Strategy 2: Strengthen communities and grassroots economy by employing resource capital, identity, creativity and advanced technology.
This strategy aims at understanding and recognizing the potential of each community – resources, culture, and nurturing spirit – and utilizing it to create high value goods and services by employing technology and creativity. Inclusiveness – the concept of leaving no one behind – is also emphasized.

Strategy 3: Enhance sustainable competitiveness of Thai BCG industries.
This strategy focuses on enhancing the competitiveness of manufacturing and service industry by employing knowledge, technology and innovation to improve efficiency, reduce waste and enable circularity. Emphasis will be placed on enhancing quality, safety and eco-friendliness of goods and services to meet international standards. Advanced technology will be developed and introduced for commercial use. Examples include plant factory system and personalized medicine.

Strategy 4: Build resilience to global changes.
This strategy aims at creating immunity and building capacity to adapt to global changes, seize opportunity arising from global trends and invest in science and technology and quality infrastructure to support new economic engines and strengthening the grassroots. Science, technology and innovation will be employed to enhance the capacity of local communities and entrepreneurs and enable them to offer products and services to fulfil new market trends and achieve quality growth, as well as to develop a low-carbon society. The strategy also addresses manpower development to support future industry derived from BCG model, as well as frontier research to lessen dependency on foreign technology.